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Why one should use Karungali (Ebony)?

As is widely held, it is believed that keeping a Karungali Kattii in your puja room at home or work can draw in and store supernatural forces that can be harnessed for success, career advancement, eliminating laziness, mental fear and anxiety, debt forgiveness, enmity issues and any obstacles on the path of spiritual growth.

Astrological significance of Karungali:

People experiencing adverse effects from Mars in their horoscope can wear Karungali/ebonywood mala to lessen these impacts and enhance academic performance as well as memory and intellectual capabilities. Karungali can also be an invaluable talisman for businesspeople to help bring wealth and growth to their enterprises, as well as provide protection from evil eyes, witchcraft or any other negative energies that might appear.

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Karungali for Detoxification

Karungali tree is revered and revered as an act of devotion, medicine and miracle, offering many positive properties that make life better for its users. Karungali's black ebony wood has the power to attract electromagnetic radiation waves which is why temple gopurams, temple idols statues and sticks made with this material often use this wood. Astrologically associated with planet Mars it also reduces any detrimental influences in one's horoscope.

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Divine benefits of karungali

Karungali (Ebony) Wood, revered for its extraordinary properties, can provide you with incredible benefits. From devotional uses to medicinal remedies and miraculous powers - including being believed to attract electromagnetic radiation and waves - Karungali wood is often chosen for temple gopurams, idols, statues and sticks in temples; also popularly chosen by dowsers, healers and tarot card prediction wand makers.

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We offer a wide range of products and 100% Authentic Ebony Mala

We are an established manufacturer, supplier, exporter and wholesaler of Marapachi Karungali Kattai Ebony Black wood pooja sticks made by hand using 100% original Karungali wood.

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Karungali Mala

The Karungali Mala is a stunning accessory that will add flair to any ensemble. To wear one effectively, pair it with solid-colored clothing such as sarees or kurtas


Karungali Bracelet

The Karungali bracelet is believed to attract and store supernatural forces within itself, drawing good forces into it while pushing out any negative energies from its surroundings.


Karungali Thayathu

Karungali Thayathu is an extraordinary source of medicinal, devotional and miraculous properties.


Why should you need it?

Astrological significance

Karungali hardwood is a dark-colored prized hardwood. It used in crafting idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Skin Problem

Karungali bangles can help you overcome various skin-related ailments and strengthen your body, as well as relax.

Removes excess heat

Trees serve as sources of oxygen on earth and can remove excess heat from our bodies as well as absorb electrical radiations.

Authentic Products

We are one among few manufactures with top quality products

We are an established manufacturer, supplier, exporter and wholesaler of Marapachi Karungali Kattai Ebony Black wood pooja sticks made by hand using 100% original Karungali wood. These beautiful products are widely used in pooja places for prayers and meditation sessions alike and feature attractive designs by our talented artisans for your use. These pieces come in various sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of all clients.

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Stay Update with Karungali Wood from latest & popular News

Explore nature's serenity through this Ebony Wood Mala, an exquisite sacred accessory designed to promote wellbeing and prosperity. Crafted from Karungali wood beads, its 108 beads help increase focus during meditation or prayers to promote spiritual wellbeing and bolster emotional well-being.

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Rudraksha Vs Karungali – Which is Better?

Rudraksha beads are said to help improve knowledge, memory and word power as well as promote inner peace and lower blood pressure and stress levels. These beads feature 108 beads – considered sacred in Hinduism – and should be cleansed and blessed through an auspicious ceremony before wearing. It’s recommended to perform an offering ceremony […]

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5 Sengali Malai Benefits

Karungali or Sengali Malai trees are powerful protectors from electrical radiation and lightning storms, offering protection for homes and temples against thunderstorms and lightning strikes. 5 Sengali Malai Benefits Karungali wood is used in Sthala Vriksham temples to promote physical and mental wellness and spread positive vibes. 1. Detoxify the body Detoxification is a natural […]

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5 Karungali Thayathu Benefits

Karungali Thayathu – Karungali wood (black ebony wood) possesses extraordinary devotional, medicinal, and miraculous properties. It absorbs electromagnetic radiation waves which help in healing our bodies while at the same time mitigating malefic impacts from planet Mars in one’s horoscope and protecting against evil eye nazar drishti drishti drishti. Maintaining a karungali thayathu at home […]

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