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We are an established manufacturer, supplier, exporter and wholesaler of Marapachi Karungali Kattai Ebony Black wood pooja sticks made by hand using 100% original Karungali wood. These beautiful products are widely used in pooja places for prayers and meditation sessions alike and feature attractive designs by our talented artisans for your use. These pieces come in various sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of all clients.

Ebony wood, known for its durability, resistance to decay and natural luster has long been revered by craftsmen for making wooden glasses frames, luxurious furniture and ornaments over centuries. Unfortunately, due to unsustainable harvesting and over-exploitation in Africa many species of Ebony trees have been placed on endangered lists and must now be harvested responsibly or are in danger.

This Karungali mala is made up of 108 ebony beads + one guru bead that are carefully knotted by hand with matching thread. Each bead represents how often a mantra needs to be repeated for optimal effects; these malas are especially helpful in alleviating depression, anxiety and stress while increasing emotional stability and balance for increased inner peace and self-awareness.

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