Karungali Mala With Polished & Unpolished beads

  • Relaxes the nerves
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Strengthens the immune system

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Karungali Malai is known to attract electrical radiation and heavenly lightning, making it an effective medicine to treat various ailments. A garland of Karungali beads strung on silver metal amplifies its effects and gives the wearer incredible strength in whatever fields they choose to pursue.

Karungali also works to eliminate negative tendencies from one's life at home or the workplace as well as helping prevent and rectify vastu issues within both properties.


Expolre Our Karungali wood beads

Ebony Wood Mala (Krungkaali) is an ancient tradition and sacred accessory worn by South Indians, especially Tamilians. Ebony trees contain supernatural forces which will protect from negative energies. Therefore, many believe wearing the Karungali chain (Mala) to bring prosperity, wealth and peace of mind; to avoid financial shortages; bring success in your career or business endeavors; overcome any barriers between you and victory; avoid mental fear, laziness depression stress anxiety as well as to improve sleep patterns.

How To Use Karungali for first time?

Before wearing a Karungali Mala, it is advised to first cleanse it in raw milk before rinsing with water. After this initial cleansing step, one may use their mala for prayer, japam meditation or keeping close as protection – making auspicious occasions like worshipping deities or receiving Ayurveda treatments an excellent time to wear one and prolong its longevity.

How to Style a Karungali Malai?

Karungali Malai necklaces have become increasingly popular across South India after celebrities such as Dhanush, Sivakarthikeyan, and Lokesh Kanagaraj shared photos wearing it on social media. This silver-based beaded necklace is believed to bring good luck and success for its wearer while attenuating Mars’ malefic effects in one’s horoscope and protecting from diseases like leprosy, ringworm and cough – not forgetting worshipping family deities, Kula Devim; rectifying vastu issues in homes – making Karungali Malais increasingly fashionable among South Indian celebrities like Dhanush.

The Karungali Mala is a stunning accessory that will add flair to any ensemble. To wear one effectively, pair it with solid-colored clothing such as sarees or kurtas; remembering less is more when styling this statement piece; avoid wearing it with busy patterns that draw too much attention away from its main focus point: the Karungali Malai.

Viha Online’s Karungali Malai is made from genuine Sandalwood beads that are smooth and soothing to the touch, reflecting light beautifully. Each bead corresponds with specific needs or qualities that you wish to develop in yourself, providing an opportunity for you to use this mala as part of a meditation practice or mantra recitation practice. Before wearing your mala, make sure it has been properly cleansed by using raw milk and pure water as washing it can bring forth blessings from Kula Deivam (family deity or deity)!

What is Karungali (Ebony)?

Ebony wood is a dense black hardwood produced from various species of Diospyros trees found throughout Sri Lanka and southern India, western Africa and Indonesia. Ebony can be found being harvested by trees of these species as well as from Sri Lanka itself. Ebony is often used for carving musical instruments including mandolins, violas, violins as it boasts exceptional strength and durability - in addition to being commonly used in making chess board pieces and high-end piano keys.

Karungali Ebony is an important tree for Hindus, revered for both its spiritual power and medicinal uses. The wood possesses electromagnetic radiation-absorbing and wave-repelling capabilities; thus making it suitable for temple gopurams, idols, and sticks made out of it. Furthermore, Karungali ebony may possess supernatural forces that protect devotees against harm by helping remove negativity from their environment and absorb electromagnetic radiation and waves that would otherwise come their way. It is often used in temple gopuram construction as well as to build temple gopurams or makeshifts as it absorbs electromagnetic radiation and waves both from within and without. It may possess powerful abilities that protect devotees against harm while providing shelter from evil while shielding devotees from harm as it absorbs them!

Astrologically speaking, Karungali can help mitigate the malefic effects of Mars in our horoscopes and can help individuals of all ages reap better health, prosperity and luck in life. Students and businesspeople can wear it to enhance their performance at school and workplace respectively.

Put an Ebony Karungali Stick into Your Puja Room Now For Maximum Benefits If you want the best results from placing this ebony Karungali stick into your puja room at an auspicious time, you can reap many advantages like career advancement, avoidance of cash shortages, business success and removal of obstacles standing in the way of reaching your goals. In addition, worshiping Kula Deivam with this stick or using it to worship Kula Deivam as part of family prayers can also bring many advantages - use it at an auspicious time in order to maximize results for maximum effects!

How should I clean and maintain my ebony bracelet?

Caretaking of a leather bracelet is straightforward. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity as these can damage its leather. Also remove your bracelet when applying creams and lotions as these could leave an unsightly film behind that dulls its beauty. To clean it gently use a damp cloth containing mild hand soap for wiping down its surface surface.

Regular cleaning of your lava beaded bracelet is crucial, and mixing water and gentle soap together is the ideal way to maintain its fresh appearance. For even deeper clean, jewelry cleaning solutions specifically created for crystal and gemstone bracelets may provide better results.

When to Clean a Karungali Bracelet?

On special occasions such as weddings or festivals, cleansing bracelets is often advised in order to rid any negative energies and restore balance to chakras. For optimal results, morning or evening are optimal times when we are most open to positive influences.

If you're having difficulty cleansing your bracelet on your own, ``smudging`` with white sage (also known as ``burning``) may help. Simply light a bundle of sage and allow it to release its smoke for several seconds; hold your karungali mala over this stream of smoke until its smoke has cleared away; after which time use as usual!